Where Can You Find Downloadable MP3s of the Quran?


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MP3 Quran, True Muslims, Free Al-Quran MP3 and Quran Central are some websites that offer MP3 downloads of the Quran. Most sites offer the Quran in Arabic while some, like True Muslims, have translations in many languages.

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The Quran is the most widely read and recited book in the Islamic world. The Quran is divided into "suras"; most websites offer downloads of individual suras.

MP3 Quran, Free Al-Quran MP3 and Quran Central all offer users the option of listening online or downloading the suras in Arabic. These sites also offer text to follow while listening to the reading.

True Muslims allows users to listen online or download MP3s of the Quran in 51 different languages. This site also allows users to follow along with text, but the text is in Arabic.

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