Where Can You Download a Free "Hanuman Chalisa" MP3 File?

Download a free copy of the MP3 file of the Hindu devotional hymn "Hanuman Chalisa" from the song website MyMp3Song. The website features various versions of the prayer sung by a number of Indian singers.

"Hanuman Chalisa" is a Hindu devotional hymn that sings the praise of the monkey-god Hanuman. The word "Chalisa" means 40 in Hindi, and the hymn consists of 40 verses that are preceded by a couplet at the beginning and succeeded by a couplet at the end. The Indian poet Tulsidas is believed to be the composer of the hymn written in the 16th century.

Many Hindus know the verses of "Hanuman Chalisa" by heart and recite it everyday. Because Hanuman is the Hindu deity with the most temples, the prayer is regularly played in Hindu temples and homes.