How Can You Develop a Photographic Memory?

How Can You Develop a Photographic Memory?

A photographic memory (also known as an eidetic memory) can be achieved through consistent practice of memory strategies and brain training. You can also supplement your strategies with physical exercise, good nutrition and vitamin intake and good sleep hygiene.

  1. Acquire information actively

    When you are taking in information to be recalled, do so consciously. Mental effort is required for memory development and photographic recall, so pay close attention to that which you are acquiring now. Start with small pieces of information such as a list of random numbers or the objects in a photograph. Study them well, and allow yourself a few minutes consolidation before recollection.

  2. Store the information

    As you take in the information, organize it in your mind so that you can access it more easily. This can be done through "chunking," or grouping pieces of information together; visualizing something strange or emotional that relates to the information; or repetition and rehearsal.

  3. Access the information frequently

    Practice accessing the information a few minutes after studying it. Make an effort to picture the information in your mind, or write down as many details about it as you can. Repeat this after 15 minutes, then after one hour, then again the next day. Study the information as necessary, and when you are able to recall the details easily, replace it with new information to keep your mind fresh.