How Can You Determine the Value of an Old Sewing Machine?

Jamie Garbutt/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A person can estimate the value of an old sewing machine by taking the machine to an experienced antique dealer and finding a similar machine at an antique store, according to the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society. Another way is to post the machine on an auction website for a small value with no reserve.

A person should consider the kind of value a machine can have to a buyer, as the buyer’s reason for purchasing is a crucial factor that influences the range of monetary value of a machine, explains the society. For example, the machine likely has a utilitarian value, collector’s value or a decorative value, especially if it displays a striking example of a period style, such as high Victorian. Older machines also possibly have a historical value.

To estimate the retail value of a sewing machine, the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society recommends taking the machine to an antique dealer and multiplying the dealer’s offer by two. A person can also list the machine on an auction website and see if it attracts bids to know its value to bidders at the time of sale. It also helps to bookmark auction pages selling similar machines and find out the final selling price. Lastly, it is crucial to study the machine’s history to find out the date of manufacture, if it is rare and if the manufacturer was financially successful.