How Can You Deal With Favoritism?


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Favoritism is best dealt with through positivity, austerity and diplomacy, according to Forbes. Unfounded favoritism can be toxic in any environment, and a strategic approach is required so as to avoid casting blame or making enemies.

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According to Forbes, a person should be honest with himself and be sure never to play the victim if he suspects that a coworker, classmate or family member is being favored over himself. At all times, it is key to remember to maintain one's composure and leave heated emotions out of the situation. A person should closely evaluate his sense of the environment to be sure that he is gauging the atmosphere correctly and to avoid playing the victim. If it is suspected that an individual is being favored over others in a workplace, educational or familial setting, it is important not to treat that person negatively despite any occurring feelings of resentment or jealousy. Many times, an individual who is being favored over others is not responsible for the treatment he or she is receiving. One should ask himself if there is indeed an adequate reason as to why the person may be favored over others. Favoritism is not always unwarranted. In the cases when it is, a person may sometimes just need to wait out the situation until the favorer realizes that the object of their praise is undeserving.

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