How Can You Darken Bleached Blonde Hair?

People with bleached blonde hair can darken their locks by gradually dying hair darker using a hair coloring product. This can be done at home with home hair dye or by visiting a professional colorist.

It can be tricky to dye bleached blonde hair to a darker shade. Bleaching products tend to make hair dry and brittle, which makes it difficult for hair to absorb the dye. It can take two or three separate applications to get the right shade. People who want to dye their bleached blonde hair darker should follow these steps to get the color they want with long lasting results.

  1. Wait a while before dying hair darker. People who have recently bleached their hair only to have second thoughts cannot dye their hair back to its original shade immediately. It will end up looking dry and damaged, and the hair color will likely wash out quickly.
  2. Start with a lighter shade and work up to darker shades. In the studio, professional colorists can gradually add in darker shades as lowlights. At home, it can be hard to achieve a natural-looking color with boxed hair dye, so consider going to a salon if hesitant. People who choose to use a home hair dye should stick to semi-permanent dyes that do not contain ammonia. These do not cause as much damage to hair and they tend to fade into natural looking shades.
  3. Follow up with more treatments after each application or appointment until the hair reaches the desired color.
  4. Care for hair in between color treatments using hair masks and shampoo designed for colored hair. These help keep hair looking healthy and prevents the dye from washing out.