Where Can You Find Free Crystal Ball Readings?

Where Can You Find Free Crystal Ball Readings?

Free crystal ball readings are available on various sites, including Horoscope.com, CrystallBallFree.com, GoddessFlight.com and AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com. The crystal ball readings on these sites provide a yes and no answer to a visitor’s query.

A visitor asks the crystal ball on Horoscope.com a question by typing in the provided space, whereby the ball analyzes the question and returns a yes or no answer. Visitors can also access fortune cookies and mood rings or cast a spell.

CrystalBallFree.com provides sample questions to ask the crystal ball, all simple enough to return a yes or no answer. Visitors to the site can also view previous crystal ball readings or read more about the origin of the crystal ball. The site alleges that the readings come from the past and define the future of the visitor. The visitor can ask as many questions as possible.

Visitors can ask the fortune teller at GoddessFlight.com simple questions to find instant answers, some answers coming with humor. This site guides the visitor on how to do a crystal ball reading including the best questions to ask. The site also provides previous readings and reports, spiritual guidance and forecast predictions.

For more crystal ball readings, visit AboluteSoulSecrets.com, which allows a visitor to order astrology reports, email crystal ball readings and phone readings. A visitor can alternatively call for a psychic reading of his career, money and love life.