Where Can You Find the Correct Scottish Plaids for Specific Clans?


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Scottish tartans for specific clans can be found at ScotClans.com and Tartans.Scotland.net. Tartans are patterns of horizontal and vertical lines in different colors, usually made of wool, and referred to as plaids in North America. In Scotland, kilts are most often tartan, and representative of a clan or region.

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ScotClans.com allows users to search for clan names in an alphabetical directory. It provides clan names, tartan, Gaelic name, clan crest, clan motto, clan history and a map of clan lands. This website also provides an extensive history of Scotland going back to ancient times. Both ScotClans.com and Tartans.Scotland.net offer items for sale, including tartan fabric, kilts, and an assortment of Scottish clothing for men, women and children.

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