How Can You Control Your Subconscious Mind?


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Mental programming methods such as meditation and self hypnosis help people achieve a relaxed state of being and control the subconscious mind. Programming the subconscious mind involves creating a combination of calm, confident and congruent thoughts, images and feelings that focus on a positive desired outcome rather than fears of a possible negative outcome. Self-hypnosis uses spoken words and background music to relax the listener and prompt him to visualize, hear and feel the desired goal.

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Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former professor of medicine at Stanford University, along with other neuroscientists, states that the conscious mind only controls 1 to 5 percent of a person's actions and emotions while the subconscious mind controls the other 95 to 99 percent. The subconscious mind's responsibility is to create reality out of its programming; negative programming in the subconscious creates negative life experiences, while positive programming creates positive life experiences.

Positive thinking alone is not enough to reprogram the subconscious, Lipton says. Reprogramming through conscious thinking and meditation can create new pathways in the brain. Meditation can include passive techniques such as paying attention to the natural breathing cycle, aware of the gaps between inhalations and exhalations, and then counting breaths. There is also the option to meditate actively, which includes methods such as yoga, dance, humming with hand movements and chanting.

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