How can you be content?


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Some experts indicate that contentment stems from five sources, including personal relationships, gratitude, optimism, finding purpose and living in the moment. Though there are many outside pressures that may influence your level of contentment, most experts agree that happiness is something that comes from within.

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For people who struggle with finding contentment, the key is to pay attention to what the experts suggest are sources of contentment and find a way to integrate these sources into daily life. This becomes easier with practice, so focusing on just one of the sources of contentment until it is routine is a great way to get started.

Keep a gratitude journal to write down small things that you are grateful for throughout the day, or say aloud 'I am grateful for x' to remind yourself of gratitude in the moment. Take a class on meditation in order to become accustomed to focusing on the present. Even introverts can and should take time during their day to devote to interacting with others. Follow passions and pursue old dreams until you find a purpose in life. Each source of contentment should build upon the last, thus creating a strong core that does not break easily.

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