How Can You Find Consecutive Odd Numbers?

carbonnyc/CC-BY 2.0

Consecutive odd numbers are any two odd numbers with only one even number between them. To find a pair of consecutive odd numbers when given their sum, set up the equation 2x + 2 to equal the sum. Solve it for the variable “x.”

  1. Label the odd numbers with variables

    Use the letter “x” to stand for any odd number. Then x + 2 would be the consecutive odd number.

  2. Set up the equation

    Add the two variable together to equal their sum, which the variably “y” represents. x + x + 2 = y This equation can be simplified to 2x + 2 = y.

  3. Solve the equation for “x”

    Put the sum in for the “y” variable, and solve the equation for “x.” 2x + 2 = 228 Solving this equation for “x” shows that it equals 113. This means that the two consecutive odd numbers are 113 and 115.