Where Can You Find Commentary on Strong's Concordance of the Bible?


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There is no commentary of "Strong's Concordance." The book does not provide commentary on the Bible, but rather an index of the original Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible.

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"Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible," the book's full title, was first published in 1890 by Dr. James Strong, a professor at what was then known as Drew Theological Seminary (now Drew University). It contains each word used in the King James Version of the Bible in an index along with references of each verse where the word is used. Each word is given a number that corresponds to the original word in Hebrew or Greek. The reader uses this number to look up the original word in a dictionary at the back of the Concordance.

"Strong's Concordance" has been an invaluable resource for students and teachers of the Bible for centuries, and new versions of the book are still in print as of June 2015. The book is a great way for readers to find out where certain words appear in the Bible as well as how the word in the original language has been translated elsewhere. There is no commentary for this book, as it is not a translation of the Bible nor is it intended to be used for translating the Bible. It is simply a tool for Bible study.

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