Where Can You Find Collections of Free Devotions for Women?


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Websites that provide devotions for women include GuidePosts.org, JustBetweenUs.org and Ewomen.net. All these devotions derive from the Bible and focus on different parts of a woman’s life.

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Women can find daily devotions from their fellow women on GuidePosts.org and get encouraged to apply God’s word in their lives. Devotions come in various categories ranging from specific occasions such as Christmas day devotions to miscellaneous categories such as cat lover’s devotion. A user can alternatively subscribe for free newsletters about devotions.

Ewomen.net provides various devotionals for each date. Each devotional lists the specific date, a title plus the Bible verse the devotion comes from and an accompanying message touching on the woman’s life. Themes include words directed to the kind hearted woman, powerful words for women, being on track with God, making plans and many more.

Christian women looking for daily devotions can find them on JustBetweenus.org. The devotions on this site come in various categories including attitude, encouragement, contentment, hope, patience and many more. Clicking on a category displays the various devotions arranged by topic. Each topic focuses on a given part of life, giving the reader the associated Bible verse and an explanation. Visitors can also search for devotionals using the custom search tool.

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