Where Can You Find the Code List for the One For All Universal Remote?

Steven Puetzer/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

The setup codes for the One for All universal remotes can be located directly at the One for All website. In order to obtain the correct setup code, users must enter the universal remote control, orURC, number after selecting the correct remote from the list on the main page.

The One for All website provides a list of all their available universal remote controls in the Remotes section of the website. Each remote that is pictured provides a link that takes users to the setup code look up system.

Users enter the URC listed on their remote and then select the device they wish to set up. The database delivers all the available codes for the device listed, as well as a manual that can be downloaded in PDF format.

All the setup codes on the site contain detailed instructions on how to enter the codes and set up devices to work with the remote.

Not all remotes work with all devices; for example, the Samsung replacement remote control only works with specific Samsung televisions and no other brands. Some of the remotes are designed only to work the television, while others work the television, satellite box, DVD, MP3 systems, game consoles, amplifiers and many other devices.The company even offers a tablet remote control to enable thetablet towork as a remote to the television.