Where Can I Find Free Clip Art for a First Communion?


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Free clip art for First Communion is available from Share Faith and also from Public Domain Pictures. Images range from an abstract line drawing of bread and wine to a graphic of the earth with a chalice imposed on it. Clip art can be used to embellish invitations to a First Communion party or to decorate a First Communion banner.

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First Communion celebrates the occasion when a child or a convert receives the body and blood of Christ, in the form of a wafer and sip of wine, and is initiated into the mysteries of the Eucharist. Some appropriate images for a First Communion include a priest hearing a child's first confession, praying children or religious symbols such as a Bible, crucifix or candles.

It is common to celebrate this religious milestone with a First Communion party. Another popular custom is to have the communicant design a First Communion banner. In addition to clip art, the banner would display the communicant's name and date of the sacrament. Appropriate symbols can include a lamb or dove to symbolize the innocent Christ, grapes, fish, cross or rainbows. Banners are hung in the church during the First Communion service and kept as keepsakes.

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