What Can You Clean With Fabuloso?

The multipurpose cleaner Fabuloso is used to clean floors, surfaces, fixtures and appliances, as well as to remove stains and soil from carpets, walls and fabrics. Consumers find many uses for Fabuloso in the bathroom and kitchen.

Fabuloso performs well in the bathroom and removes soap scum with ease, as found by testers at Consumer Reports. Their tests also revealed Fabuloso does not streak glass surfaces.

There are four varieties of the all purpose cleaner listed on the Colgate site. In addition to the original formula, shoppers can choose from Fabuloso with baking soda and citrus extracts, bleach alternative or pine extracts.

The bleach alternative formula aids in sanitization and erases hard to remove stains on areas such as counters and floors. The baking soda and citrus extract formula provides extra odor elimination for refrigerators, freezers, trash cans and diaper bins. The pine extract formula offers more dirt cleaning power for mudrooms, entryways and other high-traffic areas.

Fabuloso also offers a degreaser formula in a spray. This product is designed to effectively cut through and remove grease from areas like microwaves, stoves and counter tops.

Additionally, Fabuloso is known for its fragrances, with its lavender scent cited as a consumer favorite.