How Can a Church Start a Pastor's Aide Committee?

To start a pastor's aide committee, a church should gather the names of interested people. The church should choose committee leadership by election or on a volunteer basis. The committee should write a mission statement and identify the ways it can support the pastor, such as praying, celebrating anniversaries, providing financial support and serving the pastor's family. Committee members can then create a plan and a schedule to accomplish each pastor-support goal.

When starting a pastor's aide committee, the church should use its standard practice for choosing committee leadership. At a minimum, the committee should have a chairperson and a treasurer. Once the church has established the committee's organizational structure, the committee leaders should take charge.

As a group, committee leaders and volunteers should write a mission and vision statement that explains the group's purpose. For a pastor's aide committee, the statement might vow to support the pastor and the pastor's family financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Based on the mission statement, the committee should create a set of achievable goals. The goals might include holding fundraisers to supplement the pastor's income, creating a prayer rotation and providing support to visiting clergy. Each goal must be broken down into achievable tasks, which are then assigned to individual committee members. The group should also establish a meeting schedule to handle new and ongoing business.