Where Can You Find Free Christian Drama Skits?

Where Can You Find Free Christian Drama Skits?

Many websites offer free Christian drama skits, including Dramatix, DramaShare, Fools4Christ and SundaySchoolNetwork.com. In addition to skits, these sites have downloadable scripts, sketches, full length plays and other resources for Christian productions. The vast majority of scripts are free, but some may ask for a donation.

Dramatix has thousands of royalty-free scripts written from a Christian perspective. The site includes a few scripts by professional authors who require a fee, but those scripts are easily identified. Dramatix also has poems, essays and other resources for free download.

DramaShare offers full service support for congregations of all sizes who are interested in providing ministry through Christian drama. Paid membership to the site is an option but not a requirement for downloading scripts, although members do receive access to more scripts than non-members. DramaShare also offers to help find requests for specific scripts that are not found in the site's archives.

Fools4Christ has scripts and other resources designed to share Christianity through entertaining and humorous skits, plays, readings and monologues. In addition to offering original scripts for free download, Fools4Christ provides an extensive list of other websites containing Christian scripts.

SundaySchoolNetwork.com has Bible skits for children to perform and view. The categories include Christian skits, plays, dramas and puppet shows. Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day are emphasized.