How Can a Child Become a Gap Kids Model?

Lotzman Katzman/CC-BY-2.0

Gap commonly holds annual contests and social media campaigns for adolescents, aged 5 to 12, to become models. These contests also apply for children of infant age, from zero to 4 years old.

The Gap Kids contest is held every year and split into four categories: baby boy, baby girl, boy and girl. Any parent can enter their child into the contest. Gap then chooses 16 finalists. Each finalist receives a sizable gift card and a professional photo shoot. An online voting poll decides the top child for each category, who will then receive a gift card, photo shoot and model spot on that year’s Gap marketing campaign. Additionally, the Gap company awards large grants in the winners’ names to help finance nonprofit ventures geared towards helping young students.

In 2014, GapKids also launched a new modeling casting call that utilizes social media, where parents can submit up to three candid photos of their child to the program’s official website. Parents who participate receive a video showcasing their submitted photos. Gap stores also have their own “picture day,” where parents can have their child photographed by a professional photographer and then entered for a chance to win a modeling spot in this other marketing campaign.