Where Can You Find Chatham County Mug Shots?

Mugshots are not posted online due to a law signed in July 2014 prohibiting law enforcement in Chatham County to post photos of those arrested, according to the WJCL News website. The law applies toall law officials in the state of Georgia and prohibits them from posting any mugshots or other photos of arrested individuals online.

Law enforcement in Georgia can still post photos of sex offenders, but only the arrest information can be posted online for all other arrests and that information cannot be accompanied with a mugshot or any other photo.

Certain media sites will still have access to mugshots, as long as a waiver is signed to state they will not be used for profit, as stated on the WJCL News website.

The Chatham Sheriff website allows users to view arrest records for the last 24 or 72 hours. The information found on the site includes the individuals name, birth date, race, sex, arrest date, arresting agency, bond amount and charges. The photos are not visible to the public and only news media outlets have access to the photos.

The House Bill 845 was passed to stop unsavory websites from posting mugshots online and then forcing the individual to pay to have them removed, sometimes upward of $400.