What Can Cause Pain in Both Arms?

Possible causes of pain in both arms include injury, overuse, arthritis, trauma disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Healthline. People with heart disease, compartment syndrome, burns or dislocations are also prone to experiencing arm pain.

Arm pain is a feeling of discomfort that can affect one or both arms, and it ranges from mild to excruciating pain, states Healthline. The sensation may start from the fingers and reach the shoulder, and it can result from injury, tissue damage or dangerous nerve fiber stimulation.

Arm pain that occurs due to injury or overuse typically resolves when the cause is treated, says Healthline. Doctors often recommend refraining from activities that cause pain and resting the arm. People with arm pain may return to normal activity slowly. In some cases, arm pain indicates a severe, underlying condition, such as heart disease. Individuals who experience a sudden arm or jaw pain and heart disease symptoms, such as chest pain, loss of consciousness, confusion and excessive sweating, should seek immediate treatment.

People who experience a red painful area in the arm or a more intense pain than before should also contact a health care professional, notes Healthline. It is essential for a person to call 911 if a bone cuts through the skin, the arm looks deformed or chronic blood loss occurs.