What Can Cause False Low EGFR Readings?

Factors that can lead to false low eGFR results include kidney disease, decreased renal perfusion, significant muscle mass and unusually fast muscle breakdown, states Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories. Excessive protein consumption, marked extracellular fluid decrease and poor glucose control may also lead to decreased eGFR results.

The estimated glomerular filtration rate, or eGFR, is a test that detects kidney damage in its early stages and observes the body’s kidney function, explains Lab Tests Online. It is derived from the results of a creatinine test and a calculation of an estimated glomerular filtration rate. The eGFR is typically included in routine tests that assess the status of a person’s kidneys.

Too much protein intake can potentially lead to lower eGFR results, as cooked meat can temporarily raise the body’s creatinine production and increase the actual GFR, explains Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories. Medications such as fenofibrate, corticosteroids and active vitamin D metabolites may also decrease eGFR values, as they trigger the release of more creatinine from the muscle.

Individuals below 18 years of age, pregnant women, and individuals with rapidly changing renal function or body fluid distribution are also prone to getting inaccurate eGFR results, states Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories.