Where Can You Find Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior?

One can find case studies in abnormal behavior in the books “Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior” and “Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology.” The books are available for purchase and rent on Amazon.com.

“Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior” by Robert G. Meyer and Christopher M. Weaver discusses a wide range of caste studies, including classic and contemporary cases. The books illustrate a range of legal and clinical issues relating to the cases of abnormal behavior.

There are two books by the title “Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology.” One is by Thomas F. Oltmanns, Michele T. Martin, John M. Neale and Gerald C. Davison, and the other is by Ethan E. Gorenstein and Ronald J. Comer. Both books discuss numerous cases of abnormal behavior, going into detail about the patients’ histories, symptoms, treatments and more.