Where Can You Buy a Modern "The Lord's Prayer" Poster?

Where Can You Buy a Modern "The Lord's Prayer" Poster?

Slingshot, a company that produces contemporary religious posters, has a poster for sale featuring "The Lord's Prayer" in modern English. Posters can also be found on websites that serve as marketplaces for independent artists and graphic designers, such as Etsy and Minted.

As of 2015, Slingshot Publishing has a poster for sale featuring The Lord's Prayer in contemporary English, titled "The Royal Prayer." The poster is 24" x 36" and printed on gloss paper.

A few Etsy shops also provide modern-language prints of The Lord's Prayer. Amen Printables' version, in a black sans-serif all-capitals font, with teal accents on a white background, can be purchased and downloaded as a 11" x 14" PDF. ToSuchAsTheseDesigns sells a chalkboard-style print in a variety of sizes from 8" x 10" to 30" x 40".

Minted, another website specializing in independent graphic design, has a hand-lettered pen-and-ink design for sale that can be customized with different color accents and purchased in several different sizes, unframed or custom-framed. The text is the Catholic version, which does not include the concluding doxology.

It's harder to find a print of The Lord's Prayer in modern English than in the traditional versions of 1662 or 1928. An alternative might be to design a poster using a site such as Zazzle.com, where online tools let customers create and print their own artwork inexpensively.