How Can You Be "born Again"?


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To be born again, people must repent of their sins, ask God into their heart and experience baptism with water and the Holy Ghost. New birth, based on Bible teachings, requires both repentance and baptism in Jesus' name.

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Repentance means to acknowledge sins, ask for forgiveness for those sins and turn away from the sinful acts. The first step in becoming born again is to talk to God about sins, iniquities and transgressions that have taken place. By laying old problems at His feet and asking Him for mercy, people have the ability to stop sinning.

Once the sins have been repented, people seeking to be born again should pray for God to dwell in their hearts. This is a prayer inviting the Lord to live in the heart and for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This filling is sometimes referred to as baptism with fire. Jesus says in John 3:5 that a man must be born of water and of the spirit to be born again.

The water birth comes from water baptism in the name of Jesus. Baptism allows the blood shed by Jesus on the cross to be applied to the lives of people today. Sins are washed away, total forgiveness is granted and the person is made new, born again into a new life with Christ. Scriptures throughout the Old and New Testament support full immersion in Jesus' name for water baptism and teach baptism with fire through the in-filling of the Holy Ghost.

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