Where Can You Find Biblical Questions and Answers?


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There are several websites that provide biblical questions and answers, includingGotQuestions.org, ChristianAnswers.net, BibleInfo.com and BibleQuestions.org. These sites offer the ability to search for a specific question or look through lists of commonly asked questions.

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Where Can You Find Biblical Questions and Answers?
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Offline sources include books about biblical questions and answers, such as Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions by Elmer L. Towns, 4,000 Questions and Answers on the Bible by Dana Adams and The Bible Answer Book by Hank Hanegraaff. However, it is important to recognize the denominational background of the writer, since it may influence their interpretations of biblical texts. For example, different denominations interpret what the Bible has to say on the subjects of baptism, women's roles and instrumental worship differently.

To seek out answers to biblical questions in a particular denomination, attend a church service or visit with a minister, priest, pastor or elder and ask about particular questions and what the Bible teaches. Again, their interpretations may vary depending on their denominational background and traditional beliefs.

Bible concordances and dictionaries are also helpful if students want to research biblical questions on their own and come to independent conclusions. Study Bibles also offer answers to commonly asked questions and these are written by professional biblical scholars.

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