Where Can You Find Bible Study Guides About Tithes?


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Desiringgod.org and Biblicalresources.org both offer very helpful Bible study resources on the subject of tithing. The Desiringgod.org article titled "Toward the Tithe and Beyond" is constructed as an open letter by famous Bible teacher John Piper to his sons, while the article at Biblicalresources.org reads like a lesson plan.

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Piper's study covers a broader range of perspectives than the Biblicalresources.org article. Piper set forth to offer practical application and fatherly exhortation for his sons, going into the blessings that one would reap by honoring the Creator as Owner of all. The resource at Biblicalresources.org does not have such a personal, encouraging tone, but rather provides many scriptures that are the Biblical support for the practice of tithing.

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