How Can You Become Immortal?


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In 2014, becoming immortal is viewed as impossible by most cultures. Yet, in many lores and legends, cultures wrote of ways to become immortal by using everything from dark arts to special stones. Arguably, the closest to immortality any humans have found so far involve healthy ways of living and eating that stretch their life span to up to ten years longer than the average human.

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Many cultures believe in different variations of a book most commonly known as "The Codex." This book is said to contain the secret to creating another commonly known object known as "the philosopher's stone," which holds an elixir said to give eternal life and turn coal into gold. No on has ever been known to find such a book, but it is considered a fun story to pass the time and has been passed down for many years.

Some religions focus on obtaining immortality as well. Taoism believes that the ultimate level of enlightened beings shall be granted the ability to live forever. They are meant watch the earth and guide those on the path of enlightenment. Yet, regardless of all of these legends, the human life span hasn't surpassed much longer than 100 years.

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