How Can You Banish Evil Spirits?

A few methods to banish evil spirits or demons are to sprinkle holy water, pray and rebuke the spirit in Jesus' name. Other methods include placing herbs and other substances in the room or in doorways.

Water can be blessed and made holy by a religious official from any religion. It is thought to be sacred by people of many faiths due to its innate ability to cleanse and purify. After having the water blessed, sprinkle it over the surfaces and thresholds of haunted rooms. Many religions and cultures have banishing rituals. One of these involves writing the name of the spirit on a piece of paper, meditating or praying over it and then burning it using a white candle.

Herbs such as garlic, sage and cinnamon are thought to provide protection from spirits. Put small cloves of garlic near the doors and windows or wear a small pouch containing a mix of these herbs around the neck. Salt is also credited with cleansing properties and thin lines of salt drawn across thresholds is believed to banish spirits. Praying and rebuking the evil spirit with verses from the Bible is a method used by deeply religious people and priests to cast out and banish demons and evil spirits.