How Can You Find the Average Price of Hamburger Meat?

Find the average price of hamburger meat by visiting the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics website, where it lists the average retail food and energy prices for the United States and the Midwest region. On this page, the BLS breaks down the average price of hamburger meat by the type of beef, such as chuck, round, lean and extra lean, and the region, such as a U.S. city or the entire Midwest region.

The BLS also provides links, in form of a dinosaur icon, within the chart that provide historical data on the cost of hamburger meat. The chart shows the percentage of change annually, and it lists data for other meats as well, such as pork and veal. The BLS reports that all uncooked ground beef reached an average price of $4.61 in U.S. cities during August of 2015, while the Midwest region saw prices reach $4.40 during the same period.

The average price of hamburger meat can also be located in news sources such as CNS pulls its data from the annual BLS report, however. The average price of ground beef for February of 2015 jumped to a record high of $4.238 per pound, reported CNS News.