Where Can You Get a Free Astrology Birth Chart?


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CafeAstrology.com, Astrolabe and New-Astrology.com offer free online astrological birth charts. Horoscopes Within provides free birth charts and teaches users how to construct birth charts on their own. Users must know detailed information about the birthday to use these sites.

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Where Can You Get a Free Astrology Birth Chart?
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The birth chart provided by CafeAstrology.com contains information on planetary aspects and house positions. Original interpretations are available for each aspect and position. CafeAstrology.com also offers free lover compatibility charts and personal planetary transit information.

Astrolabe and New-Astrology.com offer charts and information similar to CafeAstrology.com. Both provide interpretations and other free astrology and numerology services. Users are required to know the date, exact time and location of birth in order to use the birth chart calculators. The charts can be printed from the page or saved as a file on the computer.

Horoscopes Within features a free template for users to construct their own astrology chart. It guides users step by step in the chart creation process. Once the chart is complete, using the cursor to hover over each aspect or position reveals information on what it means. Horoscopes Within provides monthly astrology forecasts and moon calendars. Users can also find information on the elements and other subtle qualities involved in birth chart creation and interpretation.

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