How Can You Argue and Win Every Time?

How Can You Argue and Win Every Time?

Although there is no definitive strategy for winning every argument, techniques for arguing more effectively include using facts, asking questions, listening carefully and acknowledging a good point. Effective debaters make use of these techniques to disarm opponents and persuade audiences.

Facts are one of the most effective tools in an argument because they are difficult to refute. Statistics are pertinent to many arguments, while a well-implemented quote can also make a speaker's point seem more convincing.

Asking questions of an opponent helps maintain control of an argument and keeps the opponent on the defensive looking for answers. Challenging points with calls for evidence or hypothetical outcomes based on an opponent's statements help sway the direction of an argument.

Listening carefully is a highly useful argumentative strategy because it helps detect flaws or weaknesses in an opponent's argument. Even an opponent who speaks with great confidence may have gaps of reasoning in his argument.

Acknowledging the validity of an opponent's argument can also help win a debate. Don't go against an opponent's idea just for the sake of critiquing it, especially if no real critique exists. Rather, acknowledge the opponent's statement and outweigh it using a related argument. This strategy can make a debater appear reasonable, even-handed and more credible.