How Can You Adopt Amish Principles in Your Lifestyle?


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Practicing simple living and a strong work ethic are primary ways to adopt Amish principles into your lifestyle. The Amish advocate a balanced life in harmony with nature that doesn't rely on automobiles and other modern conveniences, including digital communication and entertainment. Instead, Amish people value spending time with family members, practicing their Christian faith and living a peaceful life that is sustainable through their own efforts.

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One distinguishing factor of the Amish is their style of dress. They make their own clothes and wear mostly solid dark or neutral colors. Men wear broad-brimmed hats and women dress in black hoods or white "prayer caps" if baptized. They limit their wardrobe to simple clothing in order to avoid vanity and envy that may result from stylish clothing. They also wish to avoid spending time and money on clothing, preferring to focus their efforts on family and religious activities.

While it may not be practical in modern society to adopt this plain, handmade dress style, turning one's attention from outward appearances, fad clothes and material pleasures to simple activities such as taking walks in nature, preparing healthy meals from scratch and appreciating family and friends may bring Amish principles and traditional values into your lifestyle.

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