Where Can You Find Accurate Information About John Hagee's Divorce?

John Hagee divorced his first wife, Martha Downing, in 1975. John and Martha were married in 1960, and the couple had two children, Christopher and Tish.

John Hagee was the founder and senior pastor of Trinity Church. The news of his impending divorce surprised his congregation. Martha gained the custody of their two children in the divorce In 1975, following his divorce, Hagee formed a new church, The Cornerstone Church. After founding the new church, Hagee married Diana Castro and together they had three children: Christina, Mathew, and Sandy. Hagee went on to have 13 grandchildren.

Some claim that Hagee had an extra-marital affair with Diana Castro, who had been a member of his former church congregation. Hagee allegedly wrote a letter to his church admitting to his immorality.