How Can You Access Our Kingdom Ministry?


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Access Our Kingdom Ministry through the Publications section of JW.org. When on this page, Our Kingdom Ministry appears in a menu, along with Bible, Books & Brochures, Magazines, Music and Videos. Users can access copies of Our Kingdom Ministry in PDF form.

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Our Kingdom Ministry outlines what takes place at Jehovah's Witness meetings. The newsletter outlines a monthly theme pulled from the Bible, such as one from May 2015 that states, "Help all sorts of people come to an accurate knowledge of truth." This comes from the Book of Timothy, and the rest of the newsletter outlines ways congregants can help those who speak different languages or the blind learn about Jehovah. The website also offers Our Kingdom Ministry in an audio format for the hearing impaired.

Other publications used by members who attend meetings include Sing to Jehovah, The Watchtower Study Edition and Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education. Also featured on JW.org is a copy of the New World Translation of the Bible. In the Magazines section of the website, visitors can view The Watchtower, which interprets current events under the lens of Biblical prophecies, and Awake!, which seeks to help people cope with modern problems. Users can access these magazines in over 200 languages.

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