When Do You Call It Quits?


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A good time to quit doing something is when the time and effort devoted to the task no longer produces any tangible benefits. Quitting is also acceptable when a better method replaces an existing one. There are also times when an individual must quit to escape unpleasantness.

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People need to consider quitting when no matter how much effort is put into doing a task well, the rewards received in return simply are no longer worth it. This is a sign it is time to move on to something else. Sometimes a fear of failure prevents someone taking that step to quit, but failure doesn't mean all is lost, as quitting allows for exploration of new opportunities. Sometimes, there is no choice but to quit when new ideas come along and replace the old way of doing things. For instance, millions of people have quit using a rotary phone in favor of cellphones because cellphones offer more convenience.

In some situations, quitting is preferable to allowing a situation to wear down a person's self-esteem or happiness. A good example of this is working around a person who makes being at work miserable. In this case, quitting an unhappy work environment may be necessary to get away from a stressful workplace.

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