How Do You Get a California Identification Card?

California issues identification cards to any resident of the state, regardless of age. This card is used for identification purposes only and does not grant any driving privileges. To get an identification card, apply at the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and provide verification of identity and legal presence in the state.

  1. Complete an application

    Visit a local DMV and request a DL 44 application. Only originals of this application are accepted. Fill it out with accurate information.

  2. Provide proof of identity

    After filling out the application, provide proof of your identity with your Social Security number. This number is verified with the Social Security Administration, to ensure the name matches. Birth date and legal presence in the state of California must also be proven; a driver’s license can be used to provide this information. Additionally, a picture and thumb print are needed for the identification card.

  3. Pay the card fee

    The DMV representative explains how much the customer owes for the card. Senior citizen cards, which are given to those aged 62 or older, do not carry a fee. Reduced fees are also available for those with low incomes.

  4. Receive your card

    The completed identification card is mailed within 60 days. A standard identification card is valid for six years. A senior citizen identification card is valid for 10 years.