How Do You Calibrate an Omron Blood Pressure Monitor?

To have an Omron blood pressure monitor calibrated, send the device to Omron Healthcare at Opal Drive, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, Bucks, United Kingdom MK15 0DG, according to the company’s official website. Include a short note informing the company that the machine needs calibration.

Omron blood pressure monitors should be calibrated every five years; however, devices used up to five times or more daily should be sent for calibration every year, notes QuickMedical. When sending a monitor to Omron Healthcare, provide contact details and a return address, notes Omron. It may also be necessary to include a check in the amount of 30 pounds.

It is important to clean and maintain a blood pressure monitor properly to ensure that it continues to work accurately, states QuickMedical. Use a dry cloth to wipe the exterior of the unit. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or any liquid with chemicals that can damage the monitor, and avoid soaking the unit in water. Place the device in a clean and moisture-free area that is far from extremely cold or hot temperatures and direct sunlight.

To avoid damaging an Omron blood pressure monitor, never drop the unit on the ground or subject it to any form of shock or impact, recommends QuickMedical. Send the device to the Omron Healthcare technical customer services department if the machine is dropped or exposed to water or extreme temperatures.