How Do You Calculate Your Moon Sign?

How Do You Calculate Your Moon Sign?

To calculate a moon sign, use one of the online moon sign calculators, such as Moon Sign Calculator or Lunar Living. People need to know their birth date, location of their birth and the time of their birth to determine their exact moon sign, but the calculators also work for those who do not know the time of their birth.

Use the following steps to calculate the moon sign:

  1. Choose an online calculator
  2. Choose one of the moon sign calculators available online and go to the website.

  3. Enter the full date of birth
  4. Enter the month, date and year of an individual's birth.

  5. Enter the location of the birth
  6. Enter the location of the birth. Some calculator's use the location's time zone. For example, someone born in Boston, Massachusetts was born in the Eastern Time zone, or Greenwich Mean Time -5 hours. Use a time zone map if the location's time zone is not known.

  7. Enter the time of the birth
  8. Enter the time of the birth, in hours and minutes, with a.m. or p.m. Choose whether the time was during Daylight Savings Time if the calculator requests it.

  9. Display the moon sign
  10. Click the enter button to learn about the moon sign.