How to Calculate My Lucky Numbers?

calculate-lucky-numbers Credit: Buena Vista Images/Photodisc/Getty Images

Calculate your lucky numbers based on numbers that seem to reappear in your life on a consistent basis, as well as personal experiences with certain numbers. Integrate philosophies you feel drawn toward, such as feng shui, but do not let superstitions rule out numbers that may be lucky for you.

  1. Think about numbers that appear frequently in your life

    Start with basic numbers, such as your date of birth. The dates of birth of those you love and dates of significant milestones in your life are a great place to start. Choose common numbers in your life, such as phone numbers, hotel rooms and other seemingly insignificant digits.

  2. Research common lucky numbers

    Consider the meaning behind certain numbers, such as in feng shui or numerology, and see how they apply to the numbers that frequently pop up in your life. Listen to what your gut tells you about them, instead of instantly disregarding a number others may see as unlucky. Choosing lucky numbers is a personal journey, and research can only be seen as a guide, not an absolute truth.

  3. Keep a record of the numbers around you

    Write numbers you see down in a small notebook, as well as where you saw them, to go over later. You may start to see a pattern of numbers correlated to pleasant and unpleasant moments. Pick your lucky numbers from among the ones associated with the most favorable circumstances.