What Are the Cake Walk Rules?

Pink Sherbet Photography/CC-BY-2.0

The rules for a cake walk involve setting up numbered squares along a circular path and playing music while participants walk around the circle, then stopping the music and calling out a random number that corresponds to one of the squares. The participant who is standing on (or nearest) the square called is the winner and can then choose a cake. A cake walk is a popular game at school carnivals, picnics, block parties, or church fundraisers.

When making numbered squares, it is necessary to know the number of participants in the game. If there are a large number of participants, offering multiple rounds may be a better choice. In either case, decide how many participants to allow for each round and label the squares on the floor accordingly. Next, put small slips of paper with each number into a bowl to draw from. For school carnivals or other fundraisers, volunteers can make and donate the cakes for the game. When setting up, make sure to put out the cakes so that participants can see the ones they have to choose from.