How Do You Buy a Methodist Hymn Book?

In order to buy a Methodist hymn book, search websites such as Amazon to purchase the book or contact a local Methodist church to see if it has books for sale. A list of Methodist churches, as well as items that can be purchased online, can be found on the official website of the Methodist Church.

To buy a Methodist hymn book, visit and enter "Methodist hymn book" into the search box. Other online resources to consider include, and Barnes & Noble carries these books as well. Sites like these usually allow customers to search and filter the results by specific information such as department, book type, shipping options and price. An alternative to hardcover or paperback books are digital Methodist hymn books, which can be purchased through app and eBook stores such as Google Play and iBooks and viewed on a computer or eReader, such as an iPad or Kindle. If no suitable Methodist hymn books are found online, customers can go to The People of The United Methodist Church website to search for a local Methodist church for assistance, using the Find-A-Church option. Local churches often have copies of hymn books for use during services or to borrow for personal use.