What Are Some Facts About Bullying?


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Estimates suggest that over 3.2 million children are bullied very year, with 30 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls mentioning it to a peer by age 14. Kids who are bullied commonly feel powerless, isolated and different, emotions that frequently make school and everyday life situations extremely difficult.

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Seventy-one percent of students report bullying as being a problem in their school, with 90 percent of all students between grades four and eight actually claiming to have been victimized themselves. Physical bullying is more common at elementary levels, and generally decreases as students progress toward high school. Verbal bullying, on the other hand, sees no such drop off. It's also demonstrated that boys in particular reduce in sympathy toward bullying victims as they grow older.

Some surveys indicate that at least 67 percent of students believe their school deals inadequately with bullying. Furthermore, one in four teachers find nothing wrong with bullying. Children who bully others usually share a combination of three common motives: they feel superior to the other child; they want to imitate their friends; or they are desperate to fit in. It's estimated that approximately 160,000 students ultimately skip school every day for fear of exposure to bullies and that one out of 10 students eventually drops out of school altogether because of repeated harassment.

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