How Do You Build a Model of the Tabernacle of Moses?


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A model of the tabernacle of Moses can be made with the natural materials originally stipulated, such as wood and cloth, or with artificial products provided by a model kit, such as plastic and rubber. Instructions and guidance on how to craft a model of the tabernacle are found in the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament. Models of the holy site usually include the tabernacle itself along with the area around it.

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The tabernacle itself had a tent-like shape. The tabernacle had walls fashioned from acacia wood and overlaid with gold, although this latter characteristic can be represented by just painting the walls yellow. The tabernacle's roof consisted of four curtains long enough to pin to the ground at the tabernacle's sides. The curtains were thick and can be approximated by using rugs. If curtains are used, it is important that the innermost curtain be different from the outer curtains. This is because it should be the same as the curtain used inside the tabernacle to separate the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies.

The tabernacle was placed near the back of a courtyard. This courtyard was surrounded by a tall fence and only one entrance at the front. Near the gate there was a bronze altar. It was placed on a mound so it could take a higher position, and this detail should be recreated in a model. The altar itself was also made of acacia wood and overlaid with bronze, which can be approximated by painting the altar brown.

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