How Do You Build an Igloo Out of Boxes?

To make an igloo out of boxes, start by collecting as many identical-sized boxes as possible. Glue the boxes together in a stack of concentric rings with the largest ring on the bottom. Leave a 3-foot square opening for a door.

  1. Create the base layer

    Clear an area in an indoor or outdoor area, making sure that it is flat and free of debris. Lay a single layer of boxes in a ring, leaving a 3-foot opening for a door. Glue the end of each box to the adjoining end. Allow the glue to dry.

  2. Add the second ring

    Make the second ring of boxes, using one or more fewer boxes to make it slightly smaller. Arrange the boxes so that the second ring sits slightly inside of the first ring. Leave a gap for the door opening. Glue the bottom edges and the side edges.

  3. Finish the walls

    Repeat steps one and two, making your rings slightly smaller each time. After your door opening is approximately 3 feet tall, start gluing your boxes all the way around the circle. When you can no longer make any rings, close the top hole by gluing additional boxes. Alternatively, leave it open to allow light to enter.

  4. Add an entry

    Glue a single layer of boxes around your door opening to create a frame. Continue building out to create an entrance tunnel.