How Do You Build a Christmas Village Display?

Kevin Dooley/CC-BY-2.0

Build a Christmas village display by selecting and preparing a location, placing the buildings, adding the smaller elements and adding the finishing touches. The length of this project depends on the size of the village. You need a Christmas village, white material, cotton, spray on snow and white glitter.

  1. Select a good location

    Select a good location on which to display your village. Choose a place near an outlet where visitors can easily see it.

  2. Prepare the location

    Plan out your village ahead of time, especially if you want a village square. Set up a table in the selected location. Add boxes if you want to create hills or mountains. Place a white cloth over the surface to serve as the ground, and cover this with cotton batting.

  3. Place the buildings

    Place the buildings on the cotton. Allow plenty of room around the houses for smaller elements including people, trees and fences. If the house lights up, make sure to cover the cord with enough cotton to hide it from view.

  4. Add the smaller elements

    Use rocks to form roads and pathways between houses and stores. Add the smaller elements or accessories such as benches, fences, people, trees, and horses and sleighs.

  5. Add the finishing touches

    Finish up by placing cotton around houses and trees. Place spray on snow on roofs and tree branches. Sprinkle white glitter around the village and roads.