What Are Some Buddhist Quotes?

Some Buddhist quotes are "What you think you become" and "No one can purify another." In addition, Buddhist quotes often pertain to peace such as "You will be punished by your anger" as well as to suffering in life such as "Pain is certain, suffering is optional."

Many Buddhist quotes pertain to the power of the mind, including that a person becomes what he thinks. In addition, a Buddhist quote says that a man's own mind is what lures him to evil, not any specific person or enemy. In addition, another quote says that unguarded thoughts pose the greatest harm to man.

Similarly, Buddhist quotes emphasize personal responsibility and the need for each individual to purify himself. For example, one Buddhist quote says that each person is the only person that can save his own soul. Another quote goes on to say that it is more important to conquer an individual, personal weakness than to beat others in a competition. Buddhism calls on each individual to not just read religious teachings and scriptures, but also to act on those teachings in order to improve his own character.

A Buddhist quote about anger says that a person does not receive punishment because he is angry, but instead, his anger is its own punishment. Buddhists also say that worrying serves no purpose in life and that happiness does not decrease when a person shares happiness with others. Likewise, a Buddhist quote says that the past and future do not exist and that a person lives only in the moment that exists.