What Is a Brief Biography About Anne Graham Lotz?


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Anne Graham Lotz is an influential American evangelist, public speaker and writer who was born in 1948 and grew up in a religious family in North Carolina. Her father was Billy Graham, a well-known Southern Baptist minister. She married Daniel Lotz at the age of 18 and later founded AnGeL Ministries, a religious organization based in North Carolina.

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Anne Graham Lotz grew up in a rural part of North Carolina. Soon after graduating from high school, she married Daniel Lotz, a young dentist to whom she remained married for 49 years. After giving birth to three children, she began teaching Bible studies in her hometown of Raleigh. Her classes became so popular that she began receiving invitations to preach in other parts of the country. Her religious organization AnGeL Ministries, which she founded at the beginning of her preaching career, allows her to promote her work and her best-selling books to an international audience. Her most successful book is titled "Just Give Me Jesus".

In the summer of 2015, Anne Graham Lotz announced that her husband Daniel, who suffered from a heart condition, had died. His body was found in their private swimming pool. A prominent member of the Baptist church, Anne Graham Lotz is also an influential public figure who occasionally writes for newspapers, presents radio programs and takes part in international economic forums.

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