What Are Some Break up Spells That Work?

The Witchcraft Break-up Spell, White Magic Break-up Spell and Black Magic Break-up Spell are among the break-up spells offered by the Wishbonix Coven at Wishbonix.com. The group is led by High Priest Frank and claims that spells work but only for good purposes. Caution is urged when using them.

The Witchcraft Break-up Spell is used to avoid hurt and ease the pain of breaking up. It can be used for one's own relationship or someone else's. Ingredients used include black candles, several herbs, a cauldron, a pound of dirt and a shovel.

The White Magic Break-up Spell calls on positive energy in the universe to bring about positive change. It is not to be used for manipulative purposes. It involves writing the names of involved parties in blue ink onto paper that is then placed under the caster's pillow for seven nights.

The Black Magic Spell is for extreme circumstances only. Items belonging to both partners are burned on a silver platter, wrapped in black velvet and disposed of in a gutter.

The end results of these spells are to strengthen one's relationship, enhance love that may have dimmed and remove barriers to happiness. Instructions for spells to foil adultery, end a love triangle or send someone away are also listed on the Wishbonix site.