How Do You Break a Curse?

The easiest way to break a curse is to take a purifying bath, which washes away the hex with hyssop, salt and other cleansing herbs. If you find no relief with the purifying bath, there are a number of other ways to break a curse.

If you are sure you're the victim of a curse, and not just in a run of bad luck, and you know who is responsible, perform a binding ritual to stop the person sending the bad energy to you. Make a small doll or puppet of any fabric, fill it with material and give the finished doll the name of the person responsible for the curse. Wrap the doll completely in white ribbon. Place the wrapped doll in a safe place until you feel the curse no longer has an effect on you. It is then safe to dispose of the doll.

Mirrors reflect the negative energy back to the sender, or at least away from you in case the responsible party is unknown. In Feng Shui, Bagua mirrors deflect negative energy away from you and your household. Place these framed, eight-sided mirrors outside, facing away from your house. In addition to mirrors, you can use many outdoor decorations to deflect negativity before it reaches you. Witches balls are popular. The convex shape of the mirrored surface pushes energy away. Never use anything that has a concave surface, because this pulls energy toward you.